About Us

Lakeside Life Science was founded in January of 2015, by W. Jeffrey and Paul Allard with the realization that local populations are under-represented in clinical research. By partnering with local and academic hospitals and providers, Lakeside is bringing ground-breaking research to all communities.  

At Lakeside, we specialize solely in Laboratory-based testing. We provide the resources for our clients to bring their laboratory assays from concept to FDA clearance / approval, while putting patient's needs first.  Our expertise and experience combine to create efficiencies where there were none before. 

As a result, Lakeside Life Science can take new technologies to market sooner and at lower cost by leveraging our expertise and our network of academic and community institutions.

Lakeside Life Science is proud to announce that we are now are now listed on the Good Clinical Practice Network.


About the Good Clinical Practice Network

The Good Clinical Practice Network is dedicated to Good Clinical Practice in clinical research and aims to review and highlight  on a daily basis the latest tendencies in clinical research in all therapeutic fields. We work to provide daily insights for patients and medical professionals.