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Why choose Lakeside as your Diagnostic Research Organization?


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  • Why choose Lakeside Life Science? 

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Lakeside Life Science specializes in the development of In Vitro Diagnostics. We navigate the passage from creation to commercialization of in vitro diagnostic tests (IVDs).  We provide the scientific and medical background to comply with all clinical and regulatory requirements for new laboratory tests.  The key to our success is relationships:  we maintain long-standing relationships with clinical centers, patients, clinical laboratories and the FDA. 

Lakeside not only provides diagnostic CRO services, we provide results. Since our first day, in January 2015, we have designed, implemented and provided the protocols, reagents and patients samples for more than 50 Analytical and Clinical Validation Studies. All of our studies are designed within a regulatory framework that directs our clients to market faster, and with greater ease. This knowledge along with personal relationships with broad patient populations we create the bridge that transports your ideas to marketable products.


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Gilford, NH 03249


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