Patient Centered Diagnostic Research Organization
Why choose Lakeside as your Diagnostic Research Organization?


  •  How does Lakeside help clients realize their Goals?

  • Why is Lakeside the world leader in Analytical Validation studies?

  • What does FDA require for IVD clinical studies?

  • Why choose Lakeside Life Science? 

Considering Joining our Clinical Family?


  • Why should clinical centers join the Lakeside Life Science research network?

  • What is the benefit to my patients?

  • Can Lakeside seamlessly integrate with my clinical workflow?

  • What is the benefit to my medical insititution?


Interested in Becoming a Participant in a Lakeside Study?


  • What does it mean to participate in a Lakeside clinical study?​

  • Will participation affect my routine care?

  • How does participation in research benefit me?

  • How does Lakeside insure my safety?



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