• Paul Allard

The Patient-Centered Solar System

The annual traditions of the holidays bring us close to the ones we love. The days get shorter, and our family circles get a little tighter. Each of us is like a sun in our own little solar systems, surrounded by planets of loved ones, with asteroid belts of friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. Every solar system is different, but the components are the same.

This solar system simile is how we envision one of the core tenets of Lakeside Life Science’s mission: patient-centered research. Our goal is to maintain the focus that the patient’s needs come first. The patient is the center of our Lakeside Life Science solar system.

When we are entrusted with a new study or technology, we partner with local providers, hospitals, private practices, CROs, and academic centers that have a strong history of patient-centered care. These colleagues are also a valuable part of what makes us Lakeside. We bring the opportunity for research to where the patient is most comfortable. We bring the research to the office, into the hospital, directly to the patient, so that they can feel like they are the center of our solar system. They are the most important person in that room. We focus our attention on relationships with institutes and providers that feel the same way we do about their patients. We continue to strive for excellence and efficiencies, because the satisfaction of our patients matters.

Patients are the most important aspect in the delivery of healthcare and the research that drives innovation. Whether it is early research, a pilot study, or a pivotal clinical trial, we ensure patient safety, engagement, and understanding. A recent study centered around prostate cancer brought home how unique of a business we are. Our primary investigator (PI) provided a list of patients who met the study’s inclusion criteria. We are the voice on the other end of the phone. Lakeside Life Science is the face they see during the inform and consent process. We were also able to partner with the PI’s practice so either trained Lakeside staff or the practice’s phlebotomist were the ones drawing blood. By maintaining such an invested role in all aspects of the study, we ensure the patient’s needs and concerns are always addressed. We keep the patient at the center of our research.

This study is coming to a close, but what happened next was what was truly amazing and validating for us. A patient who we had enrolled had lost the number to the practice office and needed blood results for his care. What did he do? He called Lakeside for help. He felt comfortable enough with our staff to pick up the phone and see if we could help. We could help, of course, and we did.

In this time of giving and sharing we’d like to remind our partners past, present, and future, that we care. We care about our patients, and we care about our communities and donate our time in a variety of aspects: local politics, local sports and PTAs, school-based flu clinics, and helping a patient who needs to connect with their doctor. While this is human nature, we haven’t forgotten to keep it as a core tenet of our organization. This echoes throughout the branches of our company.

We hope the holidays are providing you ample time to spend with your family and friends, and when you need true patient-centered research, please think of us here at Lakeside Life Science.

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