• Paul Allard

New Hampshire Hospitals Lead Patient Centered Research.

Lakeside Life Science joined our colleagues from across New Hampshire to discuss opportunities to bring New Hampshire to the forefront of the small hospital revolution happening in America. Community Hospitals are the backbone of healthcare delivery, and now will be the driving force for the development of new life saving technologies. New Hampshire Hospitals with Lakeside Life Science will lead the way in creating healthy communities through clinical research.

Lakeside was excited by the forward thinking of New Hampshire Hospital executives. Their willingness to seek opportunities for growth in a new age of providing frontline treatment, in rural communities, is energizing. Lakeside life Science and our invaluable partners are making inroads to attract more clinical research into New Hampshire. We provide it in a way that enhances the clinical environment and remains patient-centered. We work with local centers to bring cutting edge research to their nurses and physicians. We collaborate to educate our current New Hampshire medical and nursing student population to send experienced and well-rounded medical and nursing students out into the world. By providing opportunities to conduct clinical research in our community centers we also offer a novel source of income.

Together we are bringing clinical research into New Hampshire’s hospitals and we are building a statewide community, from patients to providers, dedicated to the development of lifesaving novel technologies and healthy communities. We are giving our dedicated centers the notoriety and income stream so that they won’t just survive, but flourish in America’s ever-changing healthcare system.

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