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Join us as WE make precision medicine possible by putting patients first.

Thank you for joining us to further our mission: through patient centered research our nurses, physicians, and scientists advance personalized medicine through the development of laboratory tests. Lakeside Life Science is a small Diagnostic Research Organization located in rural New Hampshire. To most our location may be obscure, especially in a world where many work remotely. However, to us it is of great importance. Who we are is as important as what we do. We enjoy the outdoors, we know the owners of our local businesses by name and they know us. That is the atmosphere we bring to Lakeside. Our clients feel good about working with us. We have extensive knowledge of clinical studies and FDA requirements, but we also bring a level of comfort to our client interactions. We live here to avoid the hustle and bustle, and distractions, of suburbanization and industrialization. And it's also why we get your studies done faster and more comfortably than anyone else. We can take your IVD from research test to an FDA-approved commercial product without the trauma that often accompanies this process.

Our goal is to bring our New Hampshire culture and personality to solving the problems of developing novel laboratory tests. In this blog space we will cover topics such as regulatory concerns (what does the FDA want?), how to source patient samples at an affordable cost, product development processes, analytical verification, and clinical validation. IVD development is historically been underserved by clinical and regulatory expertise. This is changing, and with today's move toward personalized medicine and companion diagnostics, our field has become saturated with CROs and consulting firms. But, the level of expertise remains limited. Few other providers have the experience and in-depth knowledge of IVD development that we have. Please join us as we explore the unknowns of IVD development and put patients first. Along the way we will explain why it is so important to put patients first. And we expect to learn from you too - no one has all the answers. Join us as we advance the practice of medicine by putting patients' needs before our individual business interests in the commercialization of novel IVDs.

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