Lakeside Life Science makes biospecimens available to researchers via broad contacts within the medical community. We supply remnant biospecimens from multiple sources, and have access to large biorepositories with specimens from patients with cancer, infectious diseases, and many other conditions. We have vast experience with prospective clinical studies to fulfill specialized specimen needs.

High Quality Biospecimens

We have access to high quality biospecimens, including:

  • Naturally-occurring RF and HAMA samples, in-house┬átested (several thousand in stock)
  • Cancer tissues with matched serum and plasma samples
  • Infectious disease samples
  • More than 60,000 archived blood samples and cord blood from pregnant women
  • Blood specimens from pregnant women with known high-risk behaviors
  • Serum and plasma samples from healthy donors analyte-matched for age, gender, and race/ethinicity.

All biospecimens from Lakeside are sourced under IRB approved protocols or waivers using informed consent when necessary. We follow all NIH and FDA guidance for clinical study design, IRB approval, and Informed Consent. All remnant biospecimens are de-identified, obtained under an IRB-approved protocol, and follow FDA guidelines for leftover specimens.

Verification and Validation

Looking for specimens for verification and validation studies?  Learn more about our Verification and Validation Kits and get your product to market faster.