About Lakeside Life Science

At Lakeside Life Science, we specialize in providing consulting services in the areas of clinical trials, FDA submissions, and in vitro diagnostic product development. We also supply biospecimens to the in vitro diagnostics community.

Lakeside Life Science isĀ in the process of developing reagent sets for new product verification and validation studies.

We have access to high quality biospecimens, including:

  • Cancer tissues with matched serum and plasma samples
  • Infectious disease samples
  • More than 60,000 archived blood samples and cord blood from pregnant women
  • Blood specimens from pregnant women with known high-risk behaviors
  • Serum and plasma samples from healthy donors analyte-matched for age, gender, and race/ethinicity.


Biospecimen acquisition, in vitro dignostic product development services, clinical trials and FDA submission consulting, reagent sets for new product verification/validation.